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The Elephant's in the Room - Are we too late?
  • Bob Knight

The Elephant's in the Room - Are we too late?

Updated: Mar 2

What's happening to our #privacy, and how should we go on with our lives which seem to be no longer our own? This is too vast a topic to cover in a simple post as Dave Gershgorn's articles on Medium can attest.

Facial recognition software exists today that can scan millions of facial templates in a matter of seconds. This software could also be available for public use. I wonder what the world will be like with the advent of quantum computers. "California Police Are Sharing Facial Recognition Databases to ID Suspects"

Now we have robots roving around in public spaces gathering information in the forms of facial recognition, license plate scanners and smart phone detection. Are we losing more of our privacy with each increase of technological surveillance? "Here’s How Knightscope’s Security Robots Surveil the Public"

Airports are the future of surveillance. This is where all the latest technologies are found and used by governments and commercial airlines. "Airports Are Normalizing Facial Recognition in the United States" Thermal imaging can recognize a person and even match them to their smartphone. "The Military Is Building Long-Range Facial Recognition That Works in the Dark" They even have a system that works around the globe in combination with a slew of personal data. "EXCLUSIVE: This Is How the U.S. Military’s Massive Facial Recognition System Works"

And then, there's the persistent problem of email. As the following link shows, its a constant battle between anyone reading your email and the technology available to stop that from happening. "How to Stop Emails From Spying on You"

The list of infringements is growing. And there's no end in sight. I recommend reading Olivia Martin's article, "11 tips for protecting your privacy and digital security in the age of Trump." We live in serious times, especially since the elephant's already in the room.

In conclusion, I'm asking myself this question, "Are we the new endangered species?"