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Why Do People Buy Photo Art?

There are many reasons why people buy photography as art:

  • Some buy as an investment. Skilled investors know what to buy. They know when to buy and when to sell. If they are successful, they'll make a lot of money.

  • Some buy because they can afford it. Some specialize in collections of one artist, like the photographs of Mike Disfarmer. Some may prefer to buy signature works of well-known photographers. They buy because they love the work. In the end, it may be a legacy handed down to their heirs, or donated to a museum.

  • Some would like to start a collection, but it's not in the budget. To those I would say, choose a lesser-known photographer whose work you like. Save up and buy one or two pieces. Consider a limited edition. It may cost a little more, but it might prove wise in the long-run.

Consider starting with a canvas print. You might even have fun "painting" over it with Liquitex transparent gesso or or Clear Tar Gel. This is ideal for painting on colored surfaces and adds a realistic texture to the work. It's fun, and you would certainly enjoy seeing this piece on your wall. If this appeals to you, let me know and I can recommend an easel, free-standing or table-top, and with a set of six brushes.

Whatever you decide, have fun doing it, and let the art of photography touch you in a personal and meaningful way.

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Limited Editions available upon request